How Much Does A Photography Course Cost?

One of our most common questions is; ‘how much does a photography course cost?’. The answer to this very much depends on what type of photography course you want to do, how long you want to spend doing it and if you want help and advice from a real person.

Let’s look at the different types of photography courses and their costs now:

Free Courses

There are many  ‘free’ courses available on YouTube and the internet. They usually comprise of some video tutorials and not much more. They have their place, and there is no doubt that you can pick up useful tips from free course material. Beware of course providers who offer you free courses in return for your contact details though. You can be sure they will be phoning you continually asking you to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Price: £0

Low Price Courses

You can pick up a photography course on Groupon or LivingSocial among other places for as little as £19. Again, you might be able to find some useful information in these courses, but they won’t offer any help or advice when you get stuck. It’s very similar to buying a photography book in a way. The information is there, but it’s self-learning. 

Price: From £19

Accredited Online Photography Courses

There are a few excellent  accredited online photography courses in the UK, and we are proud to offer the best of those. For as little as £350 or £35 per month, interest-free, you can sign up to one of our online photography courses and receive the most comprehensive learning available online. COuld this with extensive Tutor support and we will provide you with quality training not available outside University level.

Price: From £350

Photography Degrees

A photography degree can be taken in the traditional way, at a University or even online these days. There is no doubt that studying photography for three or even four years will give you an excellent grounding in the subject, but you have to weigh this up with the extortionate cost of a University degree. Consider as well that many professional photographers don’t have degrees. Photography is an art form, and your work is judged by its quality. 

Price: From £32,000

Photography Workshop Days

There are myriad courses out there right across the country and in every photography genre you can imagine. Sometimes, getting hands-on with the camera, side-by-side with an expert, can be an enlightening experience. Before you book a photography workshop day, find out the maximum number of students allowed. This is key because if there are too many students, you won’t get much of the Tutor’s time and the value is diminished. We would also recommend you ask for a plan of the day beforehand so you can see how it is organised.

Price: From £69 for a 5-hour workshop

Still not sure? Get in touch with us for a free course consultation, and we will ask you a few simple questions about your photography and what you want to achieve from a course. Then we’ll recommend the right course for you

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