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Having completed the DipIE course first I brought confidence and increased interest to this Advanced Photography course. Easy to follow, I took my time making sure I physically carried out each mode. My choice for my final assignment was not easy as my skill seemed to improve with every photograph and method I approached. I so enjoyed this wonderfully encouraging course. My thanks. You have helped nurture a love and, i hope, skill in photography that I cannot imagine otherwise. My best wishes for the future.

Adam Price, Advanced Diploma in Photography

I have enjoyed this course. It is a long time since I did any proper photography and with my old film SLR I never really understood what I was doing, so this has been a great learning experience for me

Ali Orchard, Diploma in Photography

I have really enjoyed the course, although I have a reasonable knowledge about photography it still taught me new things, strengthened areas of weakness and consider new areas of work

Mervyn Randall, Diploma in Photography

The best part is, I’ve learned what I want to learn in photography. The course was thorough and precise and I’ve worked on it in my own pace which is just perfect. Maybe add more requirements for the final assessment; example, a macro shot or a compulsory black and white image.

Gabriel III Dominise

The course covers everything which was fantastic, it has made me really passionate about photography and helped me to understand how to actually use my camera properly and use the light around me in the environments I am in to get the most out of my photos. I am so pleased with the feedback and greatly received the comments and suggestions. I want to learn as much I can and your feedback has made me re-think about how to improve the shots based on your suggestions, which of course make complete sense. Thank you again so much!

Darron Hillier

My feedback gave me plenty of things to consider for the future, based upon what I have learnt on this course. Thank you for giving such informative, professional feedback.

Terry Henderson

I could not find fault. Very well laid out. Good context. Easy to follow.

Scott Fruin, 22nd June 2013

I enjoyed learning how to apply different depth’s of fields, trailing lights in night scenery and running water techniques as I never knew how to do it before. I really love experimenting with these now and getting photo’s I never would have got before! It was great to have my photos graded in such detail and I got great constructive advice to really help me in the future! I will make sure to experiment with more of the camera settings like the exposure compensation and metering.

Sean Dinneen, 15th June 2013

The course was informative and easy to understand. Although I’m not a beginner, I found it thoroughly useful and it answered some important questions I had in my mind during my learning. It was nice to get some real, honest feedback about my photography and it made me reassess my images.I particularly liked the suggestion about converting one of my images to black and white, which has given it a new dimension.

John Wilmshurst, 15th June 2013

I felt the final feedback was fantastic and a high point of the course as I was given refreshing honest criticism. This will definitely improve my photography. Thanks Tim!

Ben Smith, 14th June 2013

The feedback was fantastic! Thank you so much as this has made me learn more so now I know how I can improve.

John Stoate, 8th June 2013

I enjoyed learning the basic elements of photography from this Institute, allowing us to understand more on the functions of camera and composition of a photo. Most importantly, I learnt the skills of composing photos into something more creative, optimizing our skills from hobby into a dream. I would like to learn more on lighting, on how we should play with the light, especially for studio photography.

Miaw Ler Sim, 30th May 2013

Brilliant course! Thankyou.

Matt Gregg, 27th May 2013

Thoroughly enjoyable and highly motivating

Jason Garton, 26th May 2013

The course was concise and easy to understand; the structure of the course as a whole was great as was the constructive feedback at the final assignment. The feedback really helped – I could instantly see the flaws in the editing I have done, once I read the feedback – I know I will be more careful next time! Thank you a lot for the opportunity to take this brilliant course (at a discounted price, too!), which has taken my photographic skills to a whole new level! It’s worth mentioning the confidence boost the course has given me, as well.

Hristoslav Tsonkov, 25th May 2013

I enjoyed ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about this course! Tim gave me brilliant advice on how to edit my images more accurately which I will take on board. Thankyou so much for this course, I have really loved every minute of it!

Charley Taylor, 21st May 2013

I enjoyed learning the basics (& more) about my camera and learning the terms used in photography. It was fantastic going at my own pace. The feedback was very constructive and helped me to think outside the box a little. Awesome. Also shows up my weak areas that I can focus some time on.

Liza Brickhill, 20th May 2013

Feedback was great – will try and practice the use of dodge and burn in CS6

Carole Harris, 18th May 2013

It is always helpful to have an expert comment on your work, some of the comments are objective and some of the suggestions require access to post production editing which is not available to me, but to see I am not just a hopeless “snapper” is extremely gratifying.I would really like to see an advanced course coming from your Institute as I am embarking on a career in Wedding Photography and very keen to learn from professionals

Andrew Strivens, 18th May 2013

The final assignment was the best part, it was a real thrill having my photographs assessed by a professional. The critique has helped me to look again at what I thought was a perfect shot and re-assess the composition to get an improvement. Generally I have thoroughly enjoyed the course whilst learning a lot.

Cliff Robinson, 17th May 2013

Liked unit 14 as it goes beyond image taking. It is nice for someone to critic my images. It gives you a standard and improvement ideas. Thanks for enjoyable couple of months.

John Watson, 16th May 2013

I enjoyed the flexibility of doing the units at your own speed. Overall a very good course, well worth the money, I have learned a lot!!

Oliver Livick, 9th May 2013

The depth of the information being taught was impressive. I actually thought I took a reasonable photo until I did the course and realised where I was going wrong. Whilst I appreciate there is a separate course on digital editing, perhaps a little more info on that might be helpful, but otherwise nothing to improve. Really enjoyed the course and the feedback on my final assessment was extremely helpful. Shows well how to take a good shot and what to look for  and well balanced feedback.

Simon Parton, 1st May 2013

Well organised modules. Fundamentals are introduced really well. I am from a technical/scientific background so it was nice to see a good balance between technical aspects such as settings and how cameras function with how this affects the result. I would say that the slides explained jargon very well for less technical folk making it very accessible to a wide audience. I have enjoyed the course, perhaps I rushed my way through a bit like when I was a kid and eager to open my box of Lego before I got home! I think the approach of the course and it’s organisation is very encouraging. Hopefully I can still log in to revisit the slides/post on the forum to discuss photography with other members/moderators.

Jamie Al-Nasir, 30th April 2013

Well constructed and easy to work through. Thank you for the constructive notes on the three submitted pictures.

Sir Kevin Armstrong, 30th April 2013

I enjoyed the whole course, great layout very easy to follow. Would just like to say a huge thank you for the course and its content, I feel I have learned a lot and will take the knowledge gained to improve my photography

Simon Whitcher-Horn, 27th April 2013

The new Diploma in Image Editing course was very detailed, yet very easy to follow, and very enjoyable.I don’t think anything needs improving. It is first rate, as it is. Another Excellent course from the Institute of Photography, and an ideal addition that I would recommend to the Diploma in Photography course. 

Jonathan Wymark, 23rd April 2013

I really enjoyed how interactive the course was despite being online. The ability to go back over material was very helpful. I personally feel the the feedback of the final assignments is the most invaluable part of the course

Cian D’Alton, 9th April 2013

The course was very challenging but every unit had its own benefits ie -in-depth information and explanation.

Eulan George, 9th April 2013

For me the course was very enjoyable and it covered photography in a way that made sense which makes this course unique. This course is excellent but for me I want more now to build confidence and achieve qualifications from distance learning that would get me into full-time photography.

Graham Tarr, 8th April 2013

I love how detailed the course is. I learned more than I ever could especially in the black and white section. My learning style is visual and I really hate to read. I would love some more video tutorials.

Stefan Schiefer, 7th April 2013

Course material and Instructor is readily available to answer any question. Please thank my instructor Tim.

Wayne Page Sr, 7th April 2013

Easy to use and follow. Multiple choice responses are a nice way of checking understanding as photography is subjective and unlike other courses I have done it is a lot clearer to be able to pick the correct answer rather than write an essay each time which can be misunderstood. Overall I thought the course was good but it might be helpful to have the modules available to be used more as readable pdfs on mobile devices as the flash based presentation slides content didn’t always work so I had to wait until I could use a laptop.Overall I enjoyed the course and it would be handy if there could be additional specialised modules developed for specific subjects like Weddings or Studio lighting as a development option from completing the fundamentals or maybe a weekend get together for students with focus on an area.

Christopher Boulton, 7th April 2013

I enjoyed reading about the different functions that the camera has and understanding what and how to use manual mode. I think that if there were a few more pictures to show what happens if the f stop was high/low or the different ISO effects has on a same picture.

Tara Irwin, 23rd March 2013

Easy to read units that explained all the technical details/language in a simple way. This encourages you to pick up your camera and try what you have just learnt.

David Morrow, 22nd March 2013

This was a very good course. It was excellent that I could do the modules when I had time!

Peter Ellis, 20th March 2013

I enjoyed that it challenged me to think about what photo I was about to take and how to do it. Thought it was fairly OK for a person who is not terrible computer friendly. I managed OK which is good

Anne Dowling, 20th March 2013

Easy to understand and very enjoyable to do – couldn’t wait to do the next unit! I also liked the fact you could go through the course at your own pace. I wouldn’t improve anything – I thought that every aspect was covered thoroughly. Fantastic course which I thoroughly enjoyed! I have learnt so much from this course – skills that I will use every time I pick up my camera from now on. Lots of useful tips and advice.

Louise Faramus, 18th March 2013

The course outline was great, and had more than enough information to broaden my understanding of photography. I was satisfied with everything. Thanks for the opportunity.

Steven de Goede, 18th March 2013

Hi Tim, Just wanted to let you know after your suggestions turned out so well on the landscape I decided to email a copy to the hotel I stayed in where I took the photo and they showed interest in it, and as of half an hour ago I have just made my first sale so thanks again.

Ger Koppenhofer, 18th March 2013

I enjoyed the detail that this course provided. A few of the units at times became a bit too much to take in but overall very good. Really enjoyed the course and how detailed it was. I now understand how my camera works and how best to use it.

Anthony Lear, 6th March 2013

The learning material is well prepared and very useful. It is very suitable for me because I can learn from the internet. Thank you very much for providing the course.

Kin Wing Chan, 4th March 2013

I enjoyed learning the technical aspects and also the great tips and theory.This has given me confidence to explore all the settings on my camera and an enthusiasm to experiment with HDR.

Gemma Davies, 1st March 2013

I enjoyed the fact you are able to work at your own pace and I also liked the fact that images were provided to assist with the editing section.

Matthew Kelly, 27th February 2013

The ease of use and particularly the composition units as I felt my composition really needed work. The course was worth every penny for these sections alone. Rather than multiple choice, an area to answer questions in your own words although this may be a little harder for the complete beginner. I passed another course in 2011 – it was a lot harder and took me longer. This course was a great refresher for me and it helped me get my “mojo” back which I had lost! Wonderful course and thoroughly enjoyable. Hope to do some of the other courses in the future now.

Lee Matthews, 27th February 2013

Structured and informative. A brilliant guide for anyone starting out with photography. I didn’t need to get in contact myself but the course staff seem very helpful, friendly and encouraging. They respond to a lot of posts in forums and provided useful feedback to the images I sent in for my assessment. Great work!

Boris Mitkov, 23rd February 2013

The course is well laid out, with great detail that is easy to understand, and is backed up with online support. I didn’t find anything that needed improving.I have very much enjoyed this course, and the online forums. I have learnt a great deal from this course, which I believe has had a positive impact on my photography.

Jonathan Wymark, 20th February 2013

It is really good to have the photo assignments after each unit. Good exercise, made me really think how to take my next shots. I wouldn’t change anything about the course and would recommend it to a friend.5 out of 5!

Jacint Mig, 18th February 2013

If I was to pick just one thing I enjoyed most about the course it would be that I now see photography and taking photographs in a whole new light. I now take more time about the photograph I am taking and the photograph I want and I believe my Photography is all the better for it.

Derek Mulcahy, 13th February 2013

I would give this course 5 out of 5. I particularly enjoyed the way the course material is presented, it is excellent, this course is a must for anyone considering photography as a career. Maybe a few more practical assignments would be beneficial. This course is a excellent opportunity for anyone considering taking a path in the world of Photography

Ian New, 13th February 2013

I particularly enjoyed the units on composition. I would like more obligatory assignments. Yes, I would recommend this course.

Javi Cebrian, 12th February 2013

I enjoyed the parts around composition mostly. My father was a photographer at the Daily Express so I’m used to understanding concepts around depth of field etc, but composition is harder to do, even with lots of practice. I used to mange a blended learning unit at Thames valley University so am used to blackboard and model. Some more videos would be good and perhaps some peer review of photographs. I very much appreciated the detailed feedback on my photos, it’s really helpful to get such detailed info and will help me in the future. I’ve also started to do some astronomical photography so that might be a good specialist unit.

Steve Jones, 8th February 2013

The interaction with course tutors is invaluable, so also the fact of the forums, nice to share ideas and pictures. Seems to be in an actual class. I would like to see more examples of images where things are wrong and along side it a perfect pict, with the errors corrected. Seeing visually the difference is a lot easier than just verbal. Overall good course, and I have learnt a lot. Thanks for this opportunity.

Roberto Angelucci, 8th February 2013

The course content was very well written and easy to digest and understand having the questions at the end of each module was very good as this tested the knowledge that i had learned and helped me apply this to my photographs. I think the course is very good and cant think of anything to improve it – 5/5!

Alan Murphy, 29th January 2013

Enjoyed being able to do course at my own pace and at home, it would be difficult for me to attend a class due to childcare issues. I had just bought a new camera, and the course has allowed me to start to use it to its true potential, rather than just using auto as in the past. Very pleased to have more knowledge of the theory. Also enjoyed forum with pictures downloaded by other course participants. Really feel I benefited from this course, would like to consider further courses now.

Cathy Ellis, 28th January 2013

Thank you so much for the course. I have learned so much – putting all this information into practice is the challenge ahead

Martin Cousins, 28th January 2013

I did an 11 week course,and found this course was really what I joined up for, to learn as a beginner with my new camera and a course I can look at in my own free time. Not sure if I can print each course and read my notes without signing in. Overall it’s a brilliant course for new guys like myself. Are there more courses I can do?

Jackie Connell, 28th January 2013

The things I enjoyed most about the course were that it was clear, concise information, educational and fun. I would give it 5 out of 5. I would have liked some more sample photographs, a section on macro lenses and close up photography. I would like to be able to be a member and recommend your courses to participants in my dental photography courses.

Philip Wander, 22nd January 2013

I would give this course 5 out of 5. I like the fact that this course was very easy to follow and very informative, thoroughly enjoyed being able to study at my own pace. Thank you so much for this opportunity to change my life, it has given me more confidence to take on this field of work. I would definately recommend this course

Angel Knight, 22nd January 2013

The course is easy to follow, and is straight to the point without unnecessary waffle. the topics covered gave a very good introduction to photography and the basics of editing. All at your own pace, I enjoyed it very much.I do not see anything obvious in the structure or the content of the course that would need to be improved, the only thing I might have liked is some form of recognised status to the diploma that it might add to further study. although I understand that official status probably takes some time to achieve. I enjoyed the course, and feel inspired to learn more, and continue to improve my photography and learn new skills.

Terence Purdy, 20th January 2013

I did enjoy all the course, I liked the way of approaching the subject and touching the exact points, for example the composition, it is like modern painting, trying to find two opposites and put them against each other. Is it possible to get all those units in a booklet to carry and go back to as a reference? Many thanks for your help and I really enjoyed the course. All the best.

Saad Hirri, 17th January 2013

The course enabled me to develop my knowledge further and gave me ideas to progress even more. The course was enjoyable. Thanks

Keith Markham, 14th January 2013

I would give this course 5/5!!! The course was written in English with no buzzwords. I wouldn’t improve much about the course except perhaps add a bit more about filters? Good, sensible comments on submissions.

Barry Taylor, 11th January 2013

Although I am an experienced photographer, I have not had any training and I have learnt things on this course that I have not come across in the past. I’ve heard terms such as colour fringing before, but have never understood what it meant until now.I think the course is very informative, but I think having a few more interactive activities would give students more hands on experience with various interfaces from different camera manufacturers – this could be beneficial for someone starting out and doing this course before buying a camera. I would definately recommend this course.

Lorne Cooper, 7th January 2013

The course flowed well and was easy to navigate. I bought the course as it was cheap on Amazon. I think if it was full price it may have put me off the initial photography course. However, I would recommend this course.

David Barber, 3rd January 2013

An absolute beginner would benefit from this course and the online chatrooms/forums. The feedback on my final assessment photos was fantastic. I don’t just mean the good reviews, but you could tell that Tim had taken the time to study each photograph in detail and given alot of feedback. Your comments were very helpful and much appreciated. I plan on using the site even though I have completed the course and hope to benefit from it further. Many Thanks, Rob

Robert Wallace, 31st December

Great course, I feel I’ve learned a great deal and intend to use the units for future reference.I cant think of anything that could be improved as I found it perfect

Martin Lillis, 30th December 2012

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