Student Spotlight Tanya Draper

Tanya Draper tells us why she joined IOP® and shares some of her work with us.

Tanya Draper and her husband in Mexico

I have been interested in photography since I got my first Zorki rangefinder camera way back in the ’70s! I progressed onto an SLR and loved it!

Then children came along and so did a compact camera. I still dragged out the SLR when we were at home and I wanted to take some “decent” pictures of the children.

Photography by Tanya Draper

When digital cameras came out I was in my element! I got a Fuji bridge camera in 2009 which was great.

I wanted to be more creative and bought my first DSLR, Nikon D3200. That camera reignited my love of photography and I signed up for the IOP Professional Diploma in Photography Course shortly after.

Unfortunately, work, family, etc got in the way and I haven’t been able to devote the time to the course. I sold the D3200 and got a D7200. I have had this camera for a couple of years now and love it!

Photography by Tanya Draper

I took VR from work last May, so have spent more time experimenting and attending to the course. I also had my first paid photography job last month which was nerve-racking but great!

Photography by Tanya Draper

Anyway, I love to travel as well, so need to settle down and finish the course!

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