Photography as a Second Income

Many IOP® students join us because they want a second income for security. Photography is the perfect option, allowing them to combine a passion with a source of employment. 

We’ll look at the options you have as an IOP qualified photographer and how you can bolster your earning potential, even if you don’t want to be a full-time photographer. 

Wedding Photography

Earning potential: £500-£5000 per wedding although part-time photographers can’t expect to command a high daily fee, at least not in the beginning.


  • Weekend work allows a fit with other work commitments.
  • Flexible time commitments. You choose how many weddings you do every year.
  • Potential to develop into a full-time career if that’s what you want and your portfolio is good enough.
  • A constant market. People will always get married, no matter the economic fluctuations.


  • Can be very hard work and long days
  • Some clients can be difficult to please
  • You do need a range of moderately expensive equipment to start


Sell Prints 

Sometimes the most obvious option is the best. For those who want to supplement their income, selling their photos is a great option. Creating a website and uploading your images for sale doesn’t cost much and there is a great deal of help to be had when designing your website.

A few good options are as follows:

  • WIX
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • Shopify

Don’t forget that you can still sell your photography locally as well. Try asking art galleries, local cafes, museums and important buildings to display your photos for sale. 


  • Can provide regular returns
  • Helps to build your name in the local area which can lead to other work
  • Relatively easy to set up an online shop


  • Does need some technical ability to set up a website and payment system
  • Can be a slow burn in terms of return
  • Does require some sales work to find local buyers


Use Stock Image Sites

Following on from developing your own site, you could use stock image sites and there is definitely a living to be had for the savvy photographer. Read this article here to find out more about this option. 

Freelance Photography in a Niche

There is always the option to choose a niche and develop your portfolio in that area, so you become something of an expert and the ‘go to’ photographer in your area. It might be pet photography, Indian weddings, school portraits, passport portraits or a myriad of other options. 

Photography really does open up a whole new world of earning potential and is an excellent choice for a second income. Find out which course to choose here and begin your photography journey with IOP today. 

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