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Before you can complete your IOP course, we ask for feedback. Here is the latest course feedback on the Professional Diploma in Photography online course:

Chris Jary
4 stars out of 5
Date: 21 Feb 2022
The feedback and critique of the images were thorough and helpful. It helped me develop my own critical skills and hopefully will improve my photography. I use affinity for processing so the references to adobe were not particularly helpful. Maybe a link to other software videos for development would be useful. I suspect adobe will gradually lose its dominance, especially for non-professionals. There were some suggestions on re-editing which I have tried. I welcome the fact that continued feedback is possible and intend to use it. For me the facility to work at my own pace was helpful. I did not take part in student chats but I probably missed out.

Derek Mason
5 stars out of 5
Date: 18 Feb 2022
I enjoyed the variation of assignments that took me into areas I was not confident in. The advice and help from the tutors was first class and the feedback on each assignment helped explain where to improve. All assignments were well organised and easy to follow. The course was very well organised and presented. I don’t feel there is anything that needs to be changed. The course has given me confidence in the way I look at the photos and the way I take them. Trying different things to achieve the best is good to try.

Andrew Lewis
5 stars out of 5
Date: 4 Feb 2022
The course is really well structured and is so easy to follow, so genuinely interesting, and the ability to go back over the units at any time ensures that the learning path is consistent. The assignments are meaningful and the feedback really helps to cement the learning outcomes. I’ve really enjoyed the live chat sessions, this is a great facility and the supplementary courses on lightroom and flash lighting are invaluable. The Facebook camera club group is a real bonus being able to share progress, ideas and see that of others too.

I don’t have anything to add, there is great value in every module. I’ve only just read the final assignment feedback but it completely underlines everything that I have learned on the course. The ideas I’ve tried for the three images and the work I’ve put into achieving them all reflect directly back to my learnings from the course, the feedback and ideas from the tutors, and reading the final feedback has assured me that I have definitely understood it, applied it, and I really appreciate the support and encouragement. 

Before taking the course I keenly took photographs for 40 years, first with film and then into digital. I’ve taken some pretty decent photographs in those 40 years but not one of them compares to what I am capable of taking now, and do. The basics at the start of the course are so valuable and many units, especially the B&W, took me back to school camera club days and our home darkroom.

The thrill of discovery, re-discovery and seeing genuinely improved results. I’m reminded of one of my sporting heroes, Jack Nicholas. Despite being the most successful golfer of his generation and possibly all time, at the start of every season, he goes for lessons and asks ‘teach me how to play. This course has helped me to understand that mindset.

The course and, indeed, IOP, has value for everyone from beginner to professional if they are prepared to take it on and put the work in. I came on the course to learn and develop my passion for photography. Not only have I achieved that, but I also I’m now more keen than ever and I can’t wait to crack on with the next assignment, albeit one of my own making. 

Courtney Cowen
5 stars out of 5
Date: 1 Feb 2022
The best thing was being able to improve on my skills and become a better photographer. I also found the feedback from each unit very helpful. I would have liked the course to go into a little more detail with editing. When they told me in each photo I chose the specific areas I did well on and need to improve helped me see what I probably didn’t notice and something I can use for the future or change to improve.

Tim Whiteley
5 stars out of 5
Date: 28 Jan 2022
The ease of learning, in my own time, was a great advantage to this course, particularly as we have all been hampered somewhat by the pandemic over the last two years or so. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the fantastic information available and the invaluable tutor support and feedback have made the whole course a very enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The final assignment feedback was absolutely spot on and will enable me to further develop my skills, by focusing on the points raised by Tim. Highly recommend this course. My Photography has improved immensely and I now have an even greater appetite to develop my skills.

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