Highly Commended entries for the Tutor Project ‘Using Shadow’.

Suzy Hamilton

Please find my entry for ‘Shadows’ this month. I had one day with a bit of sun this week so went to Winchester cathedral to try to capture some good shadow photos. The contrast between the sunlight and the shadows in this one was quite high (I used 3 different exposures and chose this one as it was on faster shutter speed). I converted it to black and white in photoshop as I think it looked better.
– IOP Student Suzy Hamilton

Amanda Little

The image is paper curls, I thought the shadows were attractive on them.
IOP Student Amanda Little

Alfredo Perez

Adam Crook

Julia Husband

Although I did take this photo last July, I purposefully took this shot with the shadows in mind using my beloved Minolta X300 film camera.
IOP Student Julia Husband

Robert Musgrove

Local cat visited our holiday villa in Lanzarote, knew a good place to hide from the sun.
IOP Student Robert Musgrove

Sarah Moorcroft

Image by Sarah Moorcroft (moorcroft798)

Strong morning sunlight streaming through the windows giving Max a lovely space to snooze. The shadows and light give the impression that he is in a spotlight. I’ve intentionally positioned him in the top right quadrant to give a feeling of space and room for the shadows in front highlighting him further.
IOP Student Sarah Moorcroft

Diana Rambaldi

This is my submission for this month competition! I took this photo in mid-November on a cold night in an urban area of my city, Bologna. I liked the lines, the multiple light sources and reflections, and the alternation of lights and shadows.
IOP Student Diana Rambaldi

Lee Hayes

Here us my submission for January’s tutor comp…I love the dark moody feel to the shot and think it works well for this months task.
IOP Student Lee Hayes

David Hartwick

Happy New Year, My entry for Using Shadows, January Competition. This was taken at the end of December, on a walk through Greenwich Park on one of the few nice days we had this month. The image just caught my eye on the walk, Hope you like it!
IOP Student David Hartwick

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