Best DSLRs For Beginners In February 2019

We look at the best DSLRs for beginners in February 2019.

If you are a beginner to photography or have been using your phone or a compact camera, but are ready for the next step, no doubt you’ll be researching the best DSLRs for beginners. There are so many options and it can be difficult to make a decision, especially if you are new to the camera market. Help with choosing a camera is one of our most asked questions, so you are not alone!

What is a DSLR?

There are so many camera types out there, but when it comes to professional kit, the DSLR is still the preferred option for most photographers on our online photography courses.

DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex and is a camera made up of a body and interchangeable lenses. This gives you much more flexibility compared to a compact camera because you can invest in lenses for different tasks e.g a zoom lens for wildlife photography.

Bundle It Up

An entry-level DSLR bundle could be the perfect option for you. A bundle comes with the camera body and a kit lens, usually an 18-55mm. This is a great all-round lens and is suitable for portraits, landscapes and other general purpose photography. Unless you have a specialist interest, the kit lens is more than enough for a beginner to cover most bases.

Top Ten List For February 2019

You will notice that every camera on this list of best DSLRs for beginners is either a Nikon or Camera model. We aren’t saying that other models are no good but it’s fair to say that Nikon and Canon just don’t produce a bad camera. Any of these will produce good results for a beginner.

They are well-supported and kit is easy to find in high street stores and online. Choose your system carefully though, because once you decide and start buying lenses, you can only swap your system by starting afresh. Canon lenses don’t fit on a Nikon body for clarity. 

Recommended Nikon Models

Nikon D3300

Bundle guide price: Around £300 for a secondhand model plus kit lens.

Nikon D3400

Bundle guide price: £375

Nikon D3500

Bundle guide price: £360

Nikon D5300

Bundle guide price: £500

Nikon D5600

Bundle guide price: £650

Recommended Canon Models

Canon EOS 200D

Bundle guide price: £520

Canon EOS 750D

Bundle guide price: £470

Canon EOS 800D

Bundle guide price: £520

Canon EOS 1300D

Bundle guide price: £350

Canon EOS 2000D

Bundle guide price: £380

Remember, prices change all the time, so you may find the guide price on these models is not exact. Shop around and find the best deal. We always recommend going to your local camera shop and getting hands-on with a few models to see which one suits you the best.

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