Advanced Diploma in Photography

The Advanced Diploma in Photography has been significantly enhanced with new content in 2018 and also includes a FREE flash lighting course worth £200.

As part of our program of improvement, we are always updating, adding and enhancing our content. As our Advanced Diploma in Photography is our flagship course, this gets the most enhancement and improvement.

What’s Been Added In 2018?

  • Introduction To Depth of Field and Hyperfocal Distance
  • Advanced Depth Of Field Part 1
  • Advanced Depth of Field Part 2
  • Depth Of Field Calculator
  • Advanced Focus
  • Advanced Portraiture
  • Posing Guide
  • Product Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Advertising And Lifestyle Photography

Plus a FREE Lighting Course Worth £200 including:

Unit 1
Why Just One On-Camera Flash
5 Reasons to Use Flash
Common Flash Myths
What Makes Flash Challenging

Unit 2

Flash-Strobe VS Ambient-Constant Light
Flash VS Ambient Light Exposure
Flash VS Ambient Demo
Flash and Ambient Balancing For Natural Effect
Flash and Ambient Balancing For Dramatic Effect
Flash and Ambient Balancing For Creative Effect
Understanding Flash Duration

Unit 3

5 Common Key Light Patterns
5 Common Key Light Patters w Diffusion + Fill
5 Common Secondary Light Patterns
3 Primary Subject Positions
Light Qualities
The Inverse Square Law
Inverse Square Law In Practice
Corrective White Balance
Creative White balance

Unit 4
On Board VS Hot Shoe Flash
Full Feature VS Manual Flashes
TTL VS Manual Control
TTL VS Manual Recycle Times
Flash Power & Zoom
HHS VS ND Filters

Unit 5

4 Tips When You Must Use Direct Flash
Bare Bulbing Done Right
Grid_Snoot + Direct Flash
Mini Beauty + Direct Flash
Ring + Direct Flash
Understanding Modifiers
Direct Flash + Shutter Flash

Unit 6
Ambient vs Direct Flash vs Bounce Flash
Silver Bounce
More Light Silver
Soft White Bounce
Overhead Bounce
Overhead Bounce + Fill
Event Bounce

Unit 7
Natural vs Dramatic Light
Filling and Refining Existing Light
Coloring Light for Corrective Effect
Coloring Light for Creative Effect

Unit 8
Case Study 1 – Dramatic Sunset
Case Study 2 – Desert Sunset
Case Study 3 – Sinister Headshot
Case Study 4 – Family Portrait
Case Study 5 – Athlete Portraits
Case Study 6 – Working Angles
Case Study 7 – Drag + Composite
Case Study 8 – Less Is More

Unit 9
Favourite flashes
Favourite manual flashes
Favourite on camera modifiers

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