A Decisive Moment – Winners March 2019

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition – A Decisive Moment.

The standard of photography was high, but only a few people also hit the decisive moment brief. 

Remember, we were looking for a moment in time that enhanced or changed a narrative. With this in mind, the winner this month is Colette Worley with this super street shot.


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Colette said “A great month for photographers with Spring arriving, I have been out and about trying to capture A decisive moment locally, but the one photo that just kept coming into my mind was one that I took in Marrakesh a few months ago. So this is my decisive moment, which I will remember for a very long time. To me, it looks like a scene from a movie, I hope you like it.”

Colette said she felt this was like a still from a movie and we agree! It has a ‘filmic’ quality that jumps out at you. 

The men walk with purpose and menace towards the welder who is creating a beautiful composition with the burst of light. 

He is oblivious to the approaching men and we can create our own narrative as to what happens next in this imaginary movie. 

This shot has such an echo of Cartier-Bresson in its composition and feel that Colette should be extremely proud of her work. 


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Helen says “This was taken in an arcade in Birmingham and despite being in the middle of the day, mid-week this barber was super busy. In the middle of the activity, there’s a pause for a barber and his client whilst they decide what to do that day.”

This shot is alive with activity. You can feel the buzz of the shop and the dynamic range is rich, with the black lettering being so crisp against the whites of the smocks. 


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Richard said “A heavy shower of rain in China Town London, wet pavements, water pouring off the buildings, raindrops visible as they fall, empty streets.  But suddenly and briefly a person appears, running, coat overhead. This moment adds a dynamic element to an otherwise static scene enhancing the overall feeling that the heavy rainstorm produces”

Colour in composition is well and truly in play in this mysterious street shot. It’s so dark and rich with deep contrasts, yet the rain is captured so sharply mid-flow. This photograph moves you when you look at it. You can feel it, smell it and almost touch it. We are the person with the umbrella. 


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Duncan said “Taken in Berlin it shows the world beyond the remains of the Berlin Wall as a man cycles home”

This shot is a masterclass in spotting an opportunity and waiting for your subject to ride right into the frame. I presume that Duncan read the article on the Decisive Moment and saw the Cartier-Bresson shot of the staircase and the cyclist. This is a modern version of that concept. The high-vis vest helps to further emphasise the subject right in the centre of the frame. 

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