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The Institute of Photography was founded by photography and online course experts to help people increase their skills from the comfort of their own home. We don’t believe that you have to sit in a classroom to take part in valuable learning and the internet has made online learning a viable option for everyone.

It is our aim to enthuse everyone about the possibilities of photography. You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to take a beautiful picture and once you have completed this course, you should be taking photographs that will impress your family and friends.


  • I have enjoyed this course. It is a long time since I did any proper photography and with my old film SLR I never really understood what I was doing, so this has been a great learning experience for me

    Ali Orchard Diploma in Photography
  • I have really enjoyed the course, although I have a reasonable knowledge about photography it still taught me new things, strengthened areas of weakness and consider new areas of work

    Mervyn Randall Diploma in Photography

Diploma in Image Editing – Lightroom

The ultimate Lightroom image editing course with 65 comprehensive units on using the powerful image processing capability of Lightroom. Image editing is an essential skill for photographers of all levels. Now you can become an image editing expert with IOP. Bring your photos to life and discover a skill which will change your photography forever. Discover the secrets of spot removal, applying filters, fixing lighting, boosting colours, dynamic range, retouching and much more. Learn more

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With expert feedback and 14
in-depth units, our most popular course can help you be a better photographer
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