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Noel Newell Distinction Student

I am a latecomer to the world of photography and started my journey as a desire to record the images I was seeing here in Donegal

My style of photography is best described as being a hunter using my skills and knowledge of nature to get close to my subjects without causing a disturbance. I mainly shoot handheld which gives me greater flexibility, but maybe not quite as sharp of shots that using a tripod would, (there’s always a trade-off) but I think it is worth it. My greatest pleasure is to share what I witness in the wild with those less fortunate than myself and to generate a greater love of wildlife for them.

One of my best life decisions was to enrol in the IOP Professional Diploma Course, I found it challenged me at every stage to think more about my final outcome in any shot and give me the confidence to record a moment in a few seconds that it was available. A huge thanks to Tim, Phil and all of the team for their invaluable help and support right through the process and for being able to tailor the content for my needs. I have received numerous compliments on how much my wildlife shots have improved in the past year and I recommend everyone to enrol on this fantastic course. It has been a real life-changer for me, so many missed opportunities in the past to get the shot I wanted.

Had it not been for the excellent IOP Professional Diploma course I would still be stumbling along with no hope of improvement, the journey has been so worthwhile.

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