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Jean-Pierre Damen Distinction Student

I am an urban photographer from Berlin, Germany. I have been photographing for three years.

General recurring themes in my work are the relation between hyper individuality and isolation and existential anxiety caused by modernity. I take both analogue and digital pictures with a strong preference for getting things right in-camera with minimal editing.

Throughout my work and especially in the ongoing series ‘Urban Dystopia’ I try to mold the ordinary into a new reality, revealing underlying themes of (social) isolation and anxiety. And although my work is unstaged and often point and shoot, through close observation I often capture scenes in a Tableau Vivant kind of way. I document everyday urban life, but because of my thematic approach, I tap into a second layer, often a layer of discomfort. Accordingly, I prefer to work in a long-running series, as it gives more room to elaborate and deviate from more traditional (both classic and modern) single-shot street photography.

I took the street photography course at the Institute of Photography as a way to discipline myself to work on a hands-on project within a certain timeframe. Also, I wanted to learn more about constructive criticism and how to present myself and my work. The course has been the catalyst I intended it to be and the feedback and coaching from my tutor was excellent.

You can view more of Jean-Pierre’s work here:

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