Upgrade Diploma to the Professional Diploma in Photography

Upgrade from the Diploma in Photography to the Professional Diploma in Photography.

What you'll learn

Upgrade from the Diploma in Photography to the Professional Diploma in Photography. For current students of the Diploma in Photography ONLY.

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You may purchase this upgrade at any time, but the Advanced Units will only become available when you have completed the basic Diploma course. 

Upgrade from the Diploma in Photography to the ProfessionalDiploma in Photography and all this extra content will be yours:

  • FREE: Diploma in Photography Lighting Course
  • 10 Extra Modules On Career Based Development Along With More Complex Camera Techniques


Assignment section
In this assignment section, you will be set assignments and will be asked to produce 7 different photographs. Your tutor will spend, on average, around 7 hours considering your photography, assessing your images and giving you detailed feedback on how to improve. There is no better or faster way to become a better photographer.

Unit 15 Assignment – Composition
Get detailed and bespoke feedback

Your tutor will set you an assignment and give you constructive and in-depth feedback on the composition of your submitted image. The tutor will spend at least an hour looking at your photo and will give you detailed help and advice on how you can improve your composition.
You will receive a mark out of 100% for your image.

Unit 16 Assignment – Landscapes
Get detailed and bespoke feedback

Every photographer wants to be able to take a decent landscape and this is your chance to see what an expert thinks of your landscape photography. We will ask you to do a landscape assignment and submit your best shot for assessment. Your tutor will spend at least an hour looking at your submitted image and will give you very detailed advice on how your photograph could be improved.
You will receive a mark out of 100% for your image.

Unit 17 Assignment – Portraits
Get detailed and bespoke feedback

Portraits can be a difficult discipline but an essential skill for any budding photographer. Our expert will look at your submitted portrait, giving it his full attention for at least an hour. He will make adjustments and suggestions as well as giving specific technical advice based on your needs.
You will receive a mark out of 100% for your image.

Unit 18 Assignment – Black & White
Get detailed and bespoke feedback

The fourth of our compulsory assignments, is designed to provide you with critique to help improve your black & white photography. Your IOP expert will set you a mono assignment and take time (at least an hour) to view and assess your photograph. He will give you advice on tonal range as well as helping you with any technical areas which could help you improve your mono photography.
You will receive a mark out of 100% for your image.

Unit 19: Final Assignment
Get detailed and bespoke feedback

You will be asked to submit 3 photos and they will be assessed by an expert. This assessment is very in-depth and designed to significantly improve your photography. You will receive in-depth and personal feedback on each photo you upload. Your tutor will spend around 3 hours looking at your final assignment images.
You will receive a mark out of 100% for each of your three images.

One student said: Just wanted to let you know after your suggestions turned out so well on the landscape I decided to email a copy to the hotel I stayed in where I took the photo and they showed interest in it, and as of half an hour ago I have just made my first sale so thanks again.” Ger Koppenhofer, March 2013

Unit 20: Certificate and feedback
In this unit we ask you to tell us what you thought of the course and provide you with your Professional Diploma in Photography certificate as well as your member badge. 

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