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The Diploma in Wedding Photography online photography course will teach you all the basics of how to become a wedding photographer and teach you the in-depth skills you will need to change your career. 

Over 130 in-depth units cover everything you need to know about becoming a professional wedding photographer, from commercial knowledge to the technical skills you will need day to day.

The course includes over 130 modules, more than 7 graded practice assignments and 1 formal final assignment, 23 comprehension tests, 2 x 30-minute tutor chats and case studies from working professional wedding photographers as well as a dedicated forum for discussion and feedback.

The dedicated technical section focuses in great detail on the technical skills you will need at each part of the wedding day from the bride getting ready to the reception dance.

On completion of your online photography course, gain your Diploma in Wedding Photography Certificate and begin your new career as a wedding photographer.

  • Over 130 in-depth modules giving you the essential photography knowledge in easy to manage sections
  • 7 Graded Practice Assignments with Tutor feedback
  • 23 comprehension tests
  • 1 formal Final Assignment where you will submit 4 images for an in-depth assessment. Please note, these do not have to be wedding images as you may not yet have photographed a wedding.
  • 6 highly detailed technical units taking your through the camera craft required to become a successful wedding photographer
  • Membership of the IOP Facebook Group community for help, support and feedback
  • Live Tutor Chat
  • 1 x 30-minute session of private tutor chat for every student on photography techniques and advice
  • 1 x 30-minute session of private chat for every student on marketing and selling your business
  • Unlimited time to complete the course*
  • CPD accredited Diploma in Wedding Photography pdf certificate

* You have lifetime access to the course but you must log in at least once every 12 months to keep your account active

Each unit consists of different types of learning materials to appeal to all students and will be made up of study materials labelled READ, PRACTICE, WATCH, INTERACT.

Set-up costs & equipment
READ » Set-up costs and equipment

Marketing & selling your business
READ » Marketing & selling your business
PRACTICE » Practice Assignment

INTERACT » Marketing & selling your business test questions

Creating a website
READ » Creating a website
WATCH » Creating a website video
INTERACT » Creating a website test questions

Pricing strategy
READ » Pricing strategy
Mastering shutter speeds test questions
INTERACT » Optional marketing live chat with an expert

The Contract
READ » The Contract

Planning your diary & admin
READ » Planning your diary & admin
PRACTICE » Practice Assignment

INTERACT » Planning your diary & admin test questions

Planning the day
READ » Planning the day
INTERACT » Planning the day test questions

Finding a niche
READ » Finding a niche
Finding a niche test questions

Pre-wedding shoots
READ » Pre-wedding shoots
Practice Assignment
Pre-wedding shoots test questions

The client meeting
READ » The client meeting
The client meeting test questions

Technical section

READ » Introduction
READ » Bride getting ready
READ » At the wedding pre-ceremony
READ » Inside the church/ wedding venue
READ » Formal shots
At the reception venue

INTERACT » Shot lists for printing
PRACTICE » Practice Assignment
INTERACT » Technical section test questions

READ » 15 galleries for inspiration

Finding the light
READ » Finding the light
INTERACT » Finding the light test questions
PRACTICE » Practice Assignment

Using Flash

READ » Using Flash
READ » Using Flash case study

INTERACT » Using Flash test questions
PRACTICE » Practice Assignment

Controlling the weather
READ » Controlling the weather
INTERACT » Controlling the weather test questions

Organising people

READ » Organising people
INTERACT » Organising people test questions

Dealing with nervous subjects

READ » Dealing with nervous subjects
INTERACT » Dealing with nervous subjects test questions

Book a 1-2-1 chat with your Tutor

Post-production & workflow
READ » Post-production & workflow
Post-production & workflow test questions
Practice Assignment

Wedding Albums
READ » Wedding Albums
INTERACT » Wedding Albums test questions

Final assignment case study
Create a portfolio of 12 images for feedback. 

Certificate and feedback
In this unit, we ask you to tell us what you thought of the course and provide you with your Diploma in Wedding Photography certificate as well as your member badge.

The Diploma in Wedding Photography is suitable for those with some prior photography knowledge. 

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Intermediate & Advanced
Although you may find some of the concepts
simple to begin with, many experienced photographers find it is useful to re-visit the basics. Along with this, there is the opportunity for you to tailor the course to your needs, using the tutor support.

We recommend that you take either the Diploma in Photography or the Advanced Diploma in Photography before you take this course. 

Any camera that allows you to control the manual settings is perfect for this course. Even the most basic compact cameras offer that functionality these days. Look at your camera manual – can you change the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings? If so, your camera is fine for the course.

Any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone is suitable for viewing the course and course videos.

A reasonable broadband internet connection (2mb and above).

Desirable equipment
The following items would be worth investing in, perhaps in the future and as you work through the course, developing your skills.

  • A DSLR camera
  • Choice of lenses
  • Image editing software like Adobe Lightroom
  • Tripod and filters

Any questions?

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about our Diploma in Photography or other photography courses, read our FAQs

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