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We know there is plenty of choice when it comes to online photography courses. It can be confusing and challenging to decide which is the best photography course for you. Here are the reasons why we think you should enrol with IOP to learn photography. 

Tutor Support
Our two flagship courses – the Diploma in Photography and the Professional Diploma in Photography offer more Tutor support than any other online course. You will build a relationship with your Tutor who will look at YOUR photos. Constructive critique by a professional is a fast way to improve your photography. There are lots of courses out there that are cheap or even free, but they won’t offer you Tutor support.
Ultimately, our whole ethos is to look at you as an individual, consider your photography and help you to improve with bespoke advice. When you are considering which is the best photography course for you, consider Tutor Support and how important this is to you. 

Recognition & Certification
IOP is valued within the photography industry, and a certificate from us is a valuable addition to any CV. On completion of the Diploma in Photography and the Professional Diploma in Photography, you will receive two certificates. Firstly, an official IOP certificate is delivered immediately to you via email. Then, within 4-6 weeks, you will receive a CPD certificate from our Accreditation body. 

No Pressure
Complete our courses from home, at your own pace. As long as you log into the Course Platform at least once a year, you have unlimited time to complete our courses. The Course Platform can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection so you can study from the comfort of your home, on a long train journey or your lunch break at work. Best of all, you can fit your study around your life, with no physical classes to attend. 

Support After Completion
We have students who completed our courses years ago and still keep in contact with their Tutor for help and advice. Long after your initial enrolment, you can continue to ask us questions, come to us for support and send your photos for some critique. This means an IOP course offers excellent value for money for any budding photographer.

UK based
Many of the online photography courses you can enrol on are not based here in the UK. This means that even if Tutor support is offered, it can be hard to contact them when you need them. We are one of the very few Institutes to be based here in the UK which means we are on the same time as you. 

Our courses have the most in-depth and highest quality content available online. We use a tried and tested method of learning: READ, WATCH, PRACTICE, INTERACT. Whatever your learning style, we have a way of teaching which helps those more difficult concepts ‘sink in’.

Easy Payment Options
We offer interest-free instalments on most of our courses, starting from just £25 a month, which make learning with IOP accessible to everyone. Find out more

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