Diploma In Advanced Lightroom Editing

What you'll learn

The ultimate advanced Lightroom image editing course with 65 comprehensive units on using the powerful image processing capability of Lightroom.

In this course, we take more complex editing concepts and apply them so that you can transform your images in a subtle and considered way.

Advanced image editing is not about creating weird and outlandish effects. It is gently and judiciously enhancing your images so they have the best impact, yet retain their original character. This is what we teach through the modules of the course. 

You do not need prior Lightroom experience to take this course although it would help in getting up to speed with the interface.

IOP provides image files that you can load up into Lightroom and edit along with your tutor.

  • 65 in-depth units giving you the essential image editing techniques in easy to manage chunks
  • Over 11 hours of in-depth tutorials
  • Click on the Course Units Tab to find out more
  • Raw files to edit alongside your tutor
  • Covering advanced editing topics
  • Live chat for immediate help and advice
  • 2 hours of dedicated tutor chat every week
  • Unlimited time to complete the course*
  • Diploma in Advanced Lightroom Editing (pdf certificate)

You will need Adobe Lightroom (CC ideally) for this course. Get a free trial here.

* You have lifetime access to the course but you must log in at least once every 12 months to keep your account active
** IOP are not affiliated with or endorsed by Adobe


01_02_Modern Color and B&W

01_03_Soft Bright Color and B&W

01_04_Silky Skin Retouch Color and B&W

01_05_Golden Sunset Toning and B&W

01_06_Soft High Key Fade with Muted Tones and B&W

01_07_HDR Environmental Portrait

01_08_Stylized Dusk Color Toning

01_09_Evening Color Toning

01_10_When B&W is Greater Than Color

01_11_Stylistic Toning Backlit Evening Portraits

01_12_Stylised Silhouettes

01_13_High Contrast B&W Film Toning

01_14_Bright and Airy Pastel Film

02_01_Close Up Skin Retouch and Enhancing

02_02_Bright and Dreamy Bridals

02_03_Moody and Dramatic Bridals

02_04_His vs Her Dramatic Portraits

02_05_How to Balance Mixed Light

02_06_High Energy Portrait Processing

02_07_Journalstic Moments Meant for BW

02_08_How to Deal with Hot and Spotty Harsh Sun Light

02_09_Dramatically Stylized Indoor Photographs

02_10_Bright and Airy Editorial Formals

02_11_Flashed Portraits and Basic PS Retouching

02_12_How Dodging Burning and BW Can Make an Image

02_13_Hue Correction and Tilt Shift Effects

02_14_Dealing with White in Bright Scenes

02_15_Pushing Dynamic Range

02_16_Flares and Golden Hour w Three Looks

02_17_Flare and Color Bleed from Free Lensing

02_18_Fixing Free Lensing Bleed Lines in Photoshop

02_19_Single Shot HDR Sunsets

02_20_Low Key Moody Sunset Toning

02_21_Balancing Flash and Ambient Light Part II

02_22_Epic Environmental Portrait with Composite

02_23_When Its Meant for Film

02_24_Evening Tungsten Portraits with Dark Colors

02_25_Evening Natural Light Sparkler Exit

02_26_Details Part I – Daytime

02_27_Details Part II – Tungsten

02_28_Details Part III – Pastel

02_29_Magical Ring Shots and Creating a Dust Curve

02_30_Ambient Balanced Indoor Portraits

02_31_Dodging and Burning to Save Your Life

02_32_Developing for High Energy

02_33_Handling Nuclear Color on the Dance Floor

02_34_High Energy Dance Floor w Color Mods

03_01_Poppy and Energetic Family Portraits

03_02_Sunkissed Childrens Portraits

03_03_Autumn Sunkissed Images from Scratch

03_04_High Energy B&W for Fitness

03_05_Flattering Commercial Fitness

03_06_High Key Commercial Fitness

03_07_Silky Smooth Skin and Boudoir Retouch

03_08_Black and White to Focus on Body with Boudoir

03_09_Commercial Look with Swimwear Fashion

03_10_Bright and Airy Color Grading via Split Toning

03_11_Bright Blown Editorial Punk Fashion

03_12_Editorial with Commercial Style Coloring

03_13_Commercial Yacht With Stylized Hues

03_14_Pushing High Resolution RAWs to the Extreme

03_15_HDR Panoramic Landscape Merge to DNG

03_16_Pushing the Limits and Expanding Your Vision

The Diploma In Advanced Lightroom Editing is suitable for all levels. 

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


Perfect for those who are completely new to image, it starts with the complete basics and develops at an easy pace into more complex editing concepts. It would be helpful to have a foundation in the basic operating system of Lightroom.

Intermediate & Advanced
Although you may find some of the concepts simple to begin with, we quickly explore more complex editing topics in this course. 

Any camera that allows you to control the manual settings is perfect for this course. Even the most basic compact cameras offer that functionality these days. Look at your camera manual – can you change the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings? If so, your camera is fine for the course.

Any PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone is suitable for viewing the course and course videos.

A reasonable broadband internet connection (2mb and above).
Adobe Lightroom CC

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