Diploma in Image Editing – Lightroom

What you'll learn


You will need Adobe Lightroom for this course. Get a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (Mac/PC) here or download a FREE trial.

The ultimate Lightroom image editing course with 65 comprehensive units on using the powerful image processing capability of Lightroom.

In this course, we look in-depth at how to make your photos better in post-processing. We do not cover organisation in the Lightroom Library but have chosen to concentrate on the core image editing functionality including RAW processing within the Develop module. This is a course specifically designed for photographers and covers all the common issues you face in post-processing.

You do not need prior Lightroom experience to take this course although it would help in getting up to speed with the interface.

IOP provides image files that you can load up into Lightroom and edit along with your tutor.

  • 65 in-depth units giving you the essential image editing techniques in easy to manage chunks
  • Click on the Course Units Tab to find out more
  • 50 photographs to edit alongside your tutor
  • Covering topics such as fixing lighting issues, retouching, special effects, spot removal and healing, filters, RAW processing and much, much more.
  • Membership of the IOP Camera Club forums for help, support and feedback
  • Live chat for immediate help and advice
  • 2 hours of dedicated tutor chat every week
  • Eligibility for NUS Extra card with ££s savings
  • Unlimited time to complete the course*
  • Diploma in Image Editing – Lightroom pdf certificate

* You have lifetime access to the course but you must log in at least once every 12 months to keep your account active
** IOP are not affiliated with or endorsed by Adobe


Unit 1: Setup


Unit 2: Tips for Image Processing

Unit 3: Making Basic Corrections

Unit 4: The Tone Curve

Unit 5 : HSL Adjustments

Unit 6: B&W Conversion

Unit 7: Split Toning

Unit 8: Detail

Unit 9: Lens Correction

Unit 10: Effects

Unit 11: Camera Calibration & Soft Proofing


Unit 12: Section Introduction

Unit 13: Cropping

Unit 14: Spot Removal & Healing

Unit 15: Red Eye Correction

Unit 16: Graduated Filters

Unit 17: Radial Filters

Unit 18: Adjustment Brushes


Unit 19: Section Introduction

Unit 20: Using the Navigator

Unit 21: How to Create Presets

Unit 22: Presets vs Snapshots

Unit 23: Using the History Panel

Unit 24: How to Create Local Adjustment Presets

Unit 25: Virtual Copies

Unit 26: Our 15 Most Used Develop Functions & Shortcuts

Unit 27: Five Methods of Synchronising Develop Settings


Unit 28: Section Introduction

Unit 29: Fixing Harsh Lighting

Unit 30: Fixing Heavily Underexposed Images

Unit 31: Fixing Overexposure and Flares

Unit 32: How to Create a Panoramic Image

Unit 33: Making it Pop

Unit 34: Boosting Dynamic Range

Unit 35: Boosting Dynamic Range Part 2

Unit 36: Dramatic Landscape Colouring

Unit 37: Flattering Portraiture

Unit 38: Beautiful Black & White

Unit 39: Colour Split Toning

Unit 40: Black and White Split Toning

Unit 41: Female Portrait Retouch Part 1

Unit 42: Female Portrait Retouch Part 2

Unit 43: Male Portrait Retouch Part 1

Unit 44: Male Portrait Retouch Part 2

Unit 45: Couples Portrait Retouch Part 1

Unit 46: Couples Portrait Retouch Part 2

Unit 47: Bright & Airy Newborns

Unit 48: Coloured Vintage Fade Part 1

Unit 49: Coloured Vintage Fade Part 2

Unit 50: Simulating Colour Film Part 1

Unit 51: Simulating Colour Film Part 2

Unit 52: Simulating Black & White Film

Unit 53: Dramatic Mood Shots Part 1

Unit 54: Dramatic Mood Shots Part 2

Unit 55: Grungy Street Portraits

Unit 56: Creating a Tilt Shift

Unit 57: Creating a Toy Camera Edge Softened Look


Unit 58: Section Introduction

Unit 59: Using the Map Module

Unit 60: The Power of the Book Module

Unit 61: Using the Book Module for Wall Murals

Unit 62: Creating Slideshows

Unit 63: The Print and Web Modules

Unit 64: Feedback

Unit 65: Your Diploma in Image Editing – Lightroom certificate

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